Tokyo: When you leave Haneda Airport early morning, or arrive at late night, my recommend is Royal Park Hotel the Haneda

My flight: 06:20 from Haneda Airport

In this time, my flight is 06:20. It means the boarding time is set on 05:50. It also means I need to go through the immigration at least 05:30. (I got a automatic immigration pass, it will be quicker.)


I want to arrive at the Haneda Airport, International Terminal on 05:00.

There are no public transportations in this time.

I chose “Royal Park the Haneda”, where is in International Terminal.

In Haneda Airport, there are one hotel or hostel each of the three terminals. There are free shuttle buses connecting the terminals, I took when I arrived at the domestic terminal.

But in early morning there are quite few buses. You can also take taxi.

It took 40 mins or something to the hotel front after my arrival of the domestic terminal.

This hotel is quite near from one of the gates of the security check, but not near of the KAL counter.

I had thought if I could check in my next flight by KAL, there are carry on luggages only. Usually seems KAL accept to checking by the net or the machines, but in this time, I could not. I was forced to check in at the counter. According to the KAL grand staff, it will be because of the plane was changed, and I knew that when I checked in.

It was unexpected, but not a big problem.


Nice isn’t it?

There are something the scent of flower, probably by Aroma Diffuser or something.

I booked a single room, but upgraded to double room. Thank you!

2nd floor

My room was set on 2nd floor.

There were seemed “Refresh Room”, but there are no time to search 🙂


My room was Double (upgraded), and the room was clean and modern. This hotel is newer.

Yes, there is a humidifier.

For me, it was nice to have there are a small sofa and a table.

Yeah, there are also a desk too.


It is my window view, 17:00.



I found there are two bottled waters on the refrigerator.


There are instant coffies and teabags too. Of course the cups are porcelain (there are plastic cups at hotels in Hong Kong…)



Please pay attention about the plug. I do not remember there are adaptors.

It is not Universal model, if yours is not this shape, please prepare the adaptors or something.

I guess basically the problem is to charging your smart phones/ cameras etc. I do by USB, and have some charing adaptors of several types. If you do not have those, I recommend to buy Apple’s World Adaptor Kit.

I guess those maker’s official kits will be safer.


Here is a bathroom.


Ah! You may find something wooden scent from water. Because they are using wooden water tank. And of course you can drink. (Generally, you can drink tap water directly in Japan )

And it was convenient there is a cage under the sink. I could put my new underwear on the cage 🙂



Other bath amenities are below.


Typically Japanese hotel.

Need to admit, there are somehow noisy

This hotel is super convenient. I went to the city to see my friends, and back to hotel midnight. It is super safe.

However I also need to admit, there were noisy.

My room was upgraded but I felt it is better because I need to leave my room early of the morning: I needed to leave at least 5:00. I did not worry about my noise make other guests wakeup.

But it was me that I was woke up due to other guests noise, who were just arrived at. It was 01:00, English speakers were just in front of my door.

All I could was napping only, and woke up on 4:15.

You can buy something to eat in 7-11, near of the station

I did not buy the breakfast in the hotel, because I need to leave before of 5:00. I prepared something to eat.

If you do not want to buy, you can also buy something in 7-11. It is quite near of the Keikyu station. It is the same flour of this Royal Park, you can find really easy.


The price was JPY15,000. This hotels is nice, but smaller room (even in the doule room). As the hotel itself, I also need to admit this is an expensive.

But are there any convenient and safe solution?

When you arrive at midnight

No. Especially if you are a person who fly to Haneda midnight, this is the best solution. Tokyo is super safe city, but there are also crimes.

Leave early morning

Haneda Airport allows if you have already checked in (and no check-in baggage), you can pass the passport control and you can also stay a night at the lounges or lobbies.

I have a credit card what allows me to use a 24 hours lounge where is also a shower. It was one of my choice, but I did not.

It was lucky that I had not planned to stay at lounge to save few money! Due to the planes change, I could not mobile/ online check in. If I would have not booked the hotel, where should have I been?

This hotel were seemed (almost) full. There are also Excel Tokyu hotel in T2,


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