Taipei: Brother Hotel is quite convenient.

In Nov 2022, I was required by Taiwanese government to stay at a hotel; independent room with bath & toilet. It ...

Roaming eSIM by China Mobile in Taiwan

In my travel to Taipei city, Nov, 2022, it was my first trip to abroad with eSIM machines. In Japan, I am regularly usi...

Japan: My entering to Japan, Nov 2022

After my 4 nights 5 days vacation to Taiwan, I need to return to home: Japan. As of Nov 2022, my status is below: ...

Taiwan: My Visa-Exempt Entry to Taiwan in Nov, 2022

Let me tell you my experience of entering Taiwan in Nov, 2022. After my coming back from Macau in Nov 2019, it was m...

Kashihara: Imaicho (今井町)

In Oct 2020, I visited Imaicho(今井町), Kashihara City, Nara. Those days, it was safer in Japan, and traveling was as clea...
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