Osaka: First Cabin Kansai Airport is good with money

In Nov 2019, I stayed for a night in First Cabin Kansai Airport. agodaFirst Cabin Kansai Airport Why I chose Fir...

Hualien: Château de China Hotel Hualien is nice to stay in quiet area

Why I chose this Chateau de China Hotel Hualien In May 2018, I went to Hualien, Taiwan. 3 months before of my being ...

Pay attention for the clearness too. Learnt in KDM Hotel, Taipei

I am not a germ freak, I carry wet tissue to wipe my hands before eating, but it is common in Japan, not wired thing. ...

TW: Hostels near Taipei Station

I am a repeater of Taiwan, I had stayed some hostels near Taipei Station. I tell you my experience and which is my recom...

HK: Harbour Plaza Metropolis is the most comfortable hotel in Hong Kong

In Aug 2016, I went to a concert in HK with a friend of mine. We stayed in Harbour Plaza Metropolis, quite near of the H...
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