Sight Seeing

Sight Seeing

South Korea: Hwaseong Fortress [World Heritage Site][Monitor]

Note; In Sep 2019, Sky went to Hwaseong Fortress, and it was served by KKday for her Japanese blog. She had already ...

SK: Korean Folk Village [Monitor]

Note; In Sep 2019, Sky went to Seoul to have fun. KKday offered her some optional tours, and this Korean Folk Village i...
Sight Seeing

SK: DMZ tour is an essential for visiting to Seoul [monitor]

In Sep 2019, Sky visited to South Korea. KKday provided her some optional tours, DMZ tour is one of them. She had descri...

Seoul: National Museum of Korea is a must go place

In Sep 2019, I visited to Seoul. I like visiting museums, and fortunately I had time to visit National Museum of Korea ...
Sight Seeing

Paradise City in Inchon

I went to Seoul in Sep 2019. In my back to Japan, I had few hours. I used the pre-check in service in the Seoul station...
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