Osaka: First Cabin Kansai Airport is good with money

In Nov 2019, I stayed for a night in First Cabin Kansai Airport. agodaFirst Cabin Kansai Airport Why I chose Fir...

Korea: The hassle free way to connect to the Net in South Korea

We can now buy South Korean pre-paid tourist SIMs, but check the price I am a person who often travels alone. I am very...
Sanctuary --- Temples, Churches and Shrines

Fukuoka: Dazaifu Tennamgu (Shrine) is famous for Plum flowers

Dazaifu Tenmangu In city of Fukuoka and the surrounding area, there are some very famous shrines. The biggest one being...
Sanctuary --- Temples, Churches and Shrines

Kyoto: Imamiya Shrine (今宮神社), do not miss to eat treats they are serving for 1000 years!

When I was in Kyoto, I tried to walk as the systematically. Indeed I found that it was 15:30 where I was in the Gosho...

Easy to buy unlocked cell in 2019 isn’t it? why are you stingy with buying local / roaming SIMs?

It is not much of something to be stingy with buying SIMs when you are in abroad While my traveling in Taiwan, Japan, a...
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