Macau: To/ From HK Airport, there are direct ferries

In Nov 2019, I went to Macau from Hong Kong Airport. To and from Macau, I took Cotai Water Jet & Turbojet. KK...

MO: There are SIMs covering HK, Macau & Mainland China

In Nov 2019, I visited Macau through Hong Kong Airport. There are options to buy SIMs for Macau and Hong Kong each. I...

Macau: City of Dreams The Countdown Hotel

In Nov 2019, I stayed two nights in The Countdown Hotel, in Macau. The property was named “Hardrock Hotel”, previ...

Tokyo: Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage is super convenient place

In Nov 2019, I stayed a night in Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage, where is settled super near of Tokyo Sky Tree Tow...

Hiroshima: The way to visit Miyajima (宮島)

In Dec 2019, I went to Miyajima (宮島), one of the sanctuary islands in Japan. Please see also: Hiroshima: Itsukusj...
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