Tokyo: The National Museum of Western Art

In Ueno Park, there are many museums are inside of the park. The most I often visited to is The National Museum of We...

Tokyo: Tokyo National Museum is huge, and you can spend whole day long!

Tokyo National Museum (東京国立博物館) is the biggest National Museums in Japan. In Ueno Park, aka museum park, there are other...

Uji: You can see our culture of 1000 years ago in “The Tail of Genji Museum”

The Tail of Genji I know some of you who has quite interest in this city of Kyoto, many are big fan of “The Tail of Gen...

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

In Taipei, there are some museums in there. Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (台北當代藝術館) is nice to find while you are wa...

Fukuoka: Kyushu National Museum is worth visiting

I am crazy about museums, I can spend whole a day in bigger museums like National Museums in many countries :) I spent w...
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