SK: A’REX Incheon Airport Express Train is useful especially on your back to the Incheon Airport

I went to Seoul on Sep 2019. In my back way to the Incheon Airport from the Seoul City centre, I used A’REX, aka Airport...

When in HK, do not be stingy with buying Octopus Card

Frequent visitor of HK uses Octopus I am a repeater of Hong Kong, I rarely take taxies, regularly take a ride of public...

Macau: To/ From HK Airport, there are direct ferries

In Nov 2019, I went to Macau from Hong Kong Airport. To and from Macau, I took Cotai Water Jet & Turbojet. KKday ...

Guide for the transportation for sightseeing in Kyoto

I am not a resident of Kyoto, but I had been there 5 times as a tourist. I know Kyoto very well on the view point of a s...

When in Japan, do not be stingy with buying public transportation IC cards

In Japan, there are some rural area (like my hometown), there are many places you can not use IC prepaid transportation ...
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