Korea: Busan Port International Passenger Terminal

In April 2023, I visited South Korea by ferry. My arrival was Busan Port International Passenger Terminal, where is the ...
Sanctuary --- Temples, Churches and Shrines

Korea: Bulguksa [World Heritage Site]

In April 2023, I could visit Bulguksa (仏国寺), it was a part of one day Gyeongjyu bus tour, it was supported by KKday. See...
Sanctuary --- Temples, Churches and Shrines

KR: One day Gyeongjyu tour from Busan (PR)

It is Gyeongjyu (慶州) where was a capital city of Silla (新羅) that the purpose of my visiting to Busan in April, 2023. I’d...

Korea: Toyoko Inn Busan Seomyeon

In April 2023, I stayed 2 nights in Toyoko Inn Busan Seomyon. It is a branch of Japanese Business Hotel chain “Toyoko In...

Korea: eSIM by SK

In April 2023, I purchased 3 eSIMs what I can use in South Korea at KKday. 2 are roaming eSIMs, and another is an authen...
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