Taichung: See the Sunset in Gaomei Wetlands! [Monitor]

In Oct 2018, I had a chance to visit Gaomei Wetlands (高美濕地), Taichung. Kkday Day Tour from Taipei: Taichung Gaomei We...

Tipei Songshan Airport

Songshan Airport is convenient There are two airports in Greater Taipei. Most of your flights to/ from are at Taipei...
Sanctuary --- Temples, Churches and Shrines

Taipei: Hsing Tian Kong, go to pray for wealth and business!

HSING TIAN KONG(行天宮)is a temple for Guan Yu(関羽) in Taiwan. I went this Hsing Tian Kong several times, and the photos ...

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

In Taipei, there are some museums in there. Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (台北當代藝術館) is nice to find while you are wa...

Hualien: Château de China Hotel Hualien is nice to stay in quiet area

Why I chose this Chateau de China Hotel Hualien In May 2018, I went to Hualien, Taiwan. 3 months before of my being ...
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