Uji: You can see our culture of 1000 years ago in “The Tail of Genji Museum”

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The Tail of Genji

I know some of you who has quite interest in this city of Kyoto, many are big fan of “The Tail of Genji” (源氏物語), what is one of the earliest long prose novels in this world, written in early 1000s. Generally this novel is set on the city of Kyoto, but final chapters are set on the city of Uji, where lie adjacent the city of Kyoto.

The Tail of Genji Museum, Uji

This museum of “The Tail of Genji Museum” is settled in the very residential area.

On my (Japanese) guide book, it was written it is enough for 20 – 30 mins, but when I visited there, there were 2 (free) 20 mins movies are showing, and I saw both, and totally I took almost 60 mins in there.

Guess there are many high school kids who may be in Uji in a part of their school trip.

I really liked this museum due to there are some (small) something are filled in this small museum.

First one is this window.

See the above of the window, you see something wooden crossing, it is called “Shitomi” (蔀), and this is the very furniture in the days of “The Rail of Genji”.

And in this story, there are some scenes talking about perfume. The Japanese of 21st century, we rarely enjoy perfume like our ancestors did.

It is really fun to see, and even you can smell them.

The most funny things are these dolls, what are a little bit smaller than current Japanese, but guess people living 1000 years ago, they can be this height.

Who wearing black may be Niou-no-miya (匂宮), one of the grandsons of Lord Genji, and the lady can be “Ukifune” (浮舟), the heroine of 10 final chapters of this story.

This vehicle in the picture below is “Gissha”, the car is pulled by cows.


Generally, Japanese museums do not allow to take photos. But in this The Tail of Genji Museum, they allow to take photos, but no flash.


As a Japanese, there are no problem with seeing and enjoying the exhibition, but I admit I do not know if you do not read/ hear Japanese well.

As I remember, there are neither English nor other characters. However if you had read the story of “The Tail of Genji”, or if you are a big fan of “Makurano Soshi”, you have some information about the costume/ culture in these Heian period. I believe you may enjoy with seeing how actually they were.


I took Keisei Train Uji line, and the final destination is Keisei Uji Station. I walked for 5-10 mins to this museum.

In my return, I walked to Byodoin (平等院), a big temple famous for the Phenix Hall, and JR Uji station to JR Kyoto Station.

Hours: AM9:00 to PM5:00
Admission Fee: ¥500 per an adult (but they are going to change to ¥600 per an adult)
Place : 45-26, Ujihigashiuchi, Uji, Kyoto
HP: http://www.city.uji.kyoto.jp/0000019036.html(I could not find English information.)
How long Sky stayed: 60 mins
Also worth visiting nearby: Byodoin

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