Korea: Bulguksa [World Heritage Site]

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In April 2023, I could visit Bulguksa (仏国寺), it was a part of one day Gyeongjyu bus tour, it was supported by KKday. See also: Gyeongjyu one day tour.

Bulguksa is a Buddhist temple complex that comprises a series of wooden buildings on raised stone terraces. The grounds of Bulguksa are divided into three areas – Birojeon (the Vairocana Buddha Hall), Daeungjeon (the Hall of Great Enlightenment) and Geungnakjeon (the Hall of Supreme Bliss). These areas and the stone terraces were designed to represent the land of Buddha. The stone terraces, bridges and the two pagodas – Seokgatap (Pagoda of Sakyamuni) and Dabotap (Pagoda of Bountiful Treasures) – facing the Daeungjeon attest to the fine masonry work of the Silla.


Silla united the Korean Peninsula in 676, and closed on 935. Gyeongjyu was a capital of Silla.

We Japanese lost a war to save one of a kingdoms, which destroyed by Silla-Tang (唐, Chinese Dynasty) allay in 663. After that we Japanese several times sent envoys each other.

This Bulgaksa is built in 770s, many Japanese envoy members should see here…

Restored in 1600s

Sadly there are no original buildings of Silla era.

This stone steps are original.

I am not quite sure whether this is Silla style or Chosen style of 1600s when they were restored.

I remind Japanese old temple (and the oldest wooden buildings in the world), Horyuji with seeing the entasis styled pillars. See also: Horyuji.

Bulguksa wishes

Bulguksa has “dragon head”, and Horyuji also has “dragon” in pillars.

Bulguksa dragons

But I remind Chosen Palaces in Seoul with seeing those green beautiful paints. Seems I haven’t show you. But you can see it at Hwaseong Fortress See also: Hwaseong Fortress

Other to see

One of the pagodas.

Bulguksa pagoda


Bulguksa shrine

Stones for wishing

Bulguksa stones


Bulguksa garden

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