Macau: To/ From HK Airport, there are direct ferries

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In Nov 2019, I went to Macau from Hong Kong Airport. To and from Macau, I took Cotai Water Jet & Turbojet.

sunset macau

KKday Cotai Water Jet Ferry First Class One-Way Ticket (Hong Kong Airport – Macau)
KKday TurboJET Hong Kong to Macau Ticket
KLOOK Cotai Water Jet Tickets for Hong Kong and Macau OBS
KLOOK TurboJet Ferry Tickets for Hong Kong and Macau

Why Sky chose direct ways?

I calculated time, due to my arrival time, going to HK station by Airport Express, and walked to the HK Central Ferry Pier is the shortest, but I took direct ferry.


Those days, there were fights between the HK government and protestors. As an Asthmatic, I needed to consider what the tear gas the Government sprayed around the city center.

Also, I remember when I was young, I visited Macau from HK with a friend of mine, I saw traffic jam in the Macau peninsula.

I thought it is waste of time that taking bus from HK bus terminal (near of HK Airport) to Macau bus terminal (located new area, not far from the border gate). I needed to change buses twice, it would be silly.

They are the reason why I decided to visit Macau directly from HK Airport, and back to the airport directly from Macau. To/ From the ferry piers, I can take shuttle buses run by City of Dreams, where booked for staying. It takes time and money, but easiest those days.

See also: City of Dreams The Countdown Hotel.

There are two companies to/ from Macau

There are two ferry companies running between Hong Kong and Macau. Each companies are using different ferry piers in Macau. Please pay attention the destination.

To going to Macau, I took a sheet of Cotai Water Jet, to Taipa Ferry Pier, its body color is blue.

KKday Cotai Water Jet Ferry First Class One-Way Ticket (Hong Kong Airport – Macau)

On my way back to HK airport, I bought Turbojet in Macau Outer Harbour, its body color is red.

As long as your staying is at big casino hotels like the Venetian, or even City of Dreams, there are less problem that they runs the shuttle buses to/ from both of the terminals, but if you want to take Light Rail in Macau, Taipa Ferry Terminal is more convenient.

From HK airport to Macau [monitor]

In Nov 2019, KKday supported my way from HK airport to Macau for my Japanese blog. I had already worked for it 🙂

KKday Cotai Water Jet Ferry First Class One-Way Ticket (Hong Kong Airport – Macau)

Going to Macau directly from HK Airport, you SHOULD not leave from the security zone, in other words, do NEVER pass the immigration of HK. You need pass the immigration in once, it is on Macau.

Please do not worry when you have check-in baggage like me, they manage for you.

Please find out the signs of “Mainland/ Macao Ferries”.

hkairport e counter

It is quite near of the transfer desk (you may find the logo of Cathey Pacific Airline), you will find the ferry counter.

This corner is not only for Macau, but also Mainlands like Shenzhen or Guanzhou.

HKIA counter

Seemed they are generally going to the Mainland.

Cotai Water Jet to Taipa Ferry Terminal

On that time, KKday supported my visiting to Macau, and I got a first class sheet paid by KKday for my Japanese blog. (I have already worked for it.)

KKday sent me a voucher and I show it to the counter of Cotai. They gave me a ticket.

ferry ticket

On that time, I had a check-in baggage, I gave them my baggage tag what I got in my leaving airport (on that day, it was from Haneda Airport). Cotai managed to handle it to Macau for me.

If you have enough time, I strongly recommend to check your baggage status before moving.

hkairport luggage

I took a shuttle to the “Sky Pier” of the HK Airport, the escalator is behind of this wall.

hkairport ferry pia

The Sky Pier is not a big place. But I found a currency changer and 7-11.

This small boat is bringing me to Macau.

The building shown in the picture above, it is the HK side bus terminal.

This is the shot of economy class.

cotai economiy

In this time, I took First Class.

cotai first class

They serve a drink and a snack, it may be not enough for your appetite.

cotai served

Fortunately, there are no delay nor stopping on the mid of the water, I could arrive at Taipa Ferry Terminal almost on time.

cotai taipa

Taipa Ferry Terminal

After my arrival at Taipa Ferry Terminal, I went to the immigration of Macau. In my way to Macau from Tokyo, I passed the passport control of Japan and Macau. Not in Hong Kong.

I needed to wait for few mins to get my baggage, but luckily it was First Class, it was with priority tag, and quicker than other customers.

As of May 2020, seems the Light Rail is already running. There are stations not only at the Airport of Macau but also in this Taipa Ferry Terminal, I think taking Light Rail is the most easiest way for the solo tourist like me.

But as of Nov 2019, there were already stations, and they run as test, not for the tourists, just running. I took a shuttle bus to City of Dreams.

cod-bus the countdown

The price is not quite different, I recommend to take First Class, when you need to check-in your baggage.
KKday Cotai Water Jet Ferry First Class One-Way Ticket (Hong Kong Airport – Macau)

I could not find first class plan in KLOOK. If you are familiar with KLOOK, and you do not mind taking economy class, here is the choice.
KLOOK Cotai Water Jet Tickets for Hong Kong and Macau OBS

From Macau to HK Airport

In my way return, due to the schedule of my flight and ferries, Taking Cotai was inconvenient. I bought the ticket in KLOOK, to Macau Outer Harbour to HK Airport. I also could not find Super Class ticket.
KLOOK TurboJet Ferry Tickets for Hong Kong and Macau

Those days KKday did not deal the way between HK airport – Macau by Turbojet, but now, they do (and Super Class is available!)
KKday TurboJET Hong Kong to Macau Ticket

Do you have check-in baggage like me? They handle it for you.

To going to Outer Harbour

As of May 2020, seems there are no Light Rail stations in Outer Harbour. You may need to take a shuttle bus or taxi (taxi in Macau has bad reputation) to go. I took a shuttle bus of City of Dreams, where I stayed.

Indeed it can be due to F1 Macau GP, I needed to walk almost 10 mins with carrying bags.

At Outer Harbour

KLOOK also sent me a voucher. I show it on a counter. I got a ticket and a voucher to have return of HK departure tax.

I could not find upper class in KLOOK, I bought economy class sheet.


On the counter, I checked in with showing the voucher in my iPhone what KLOOK sent.

As my coming way to Macau, I also had a check-in baggage. As same as the airport counters, I checked in it in this counter. Also, I checked in my connection flight to Osaka in there. They gave me a ticket of Turbojet, a ticket of flight, baggage tag, and a voucher for tax refunding in HK airport.


After my check in, I can not going to the security zone. I needed to wait.

I passed to the immigration on time. The sheet is given in front of the gate.


I asked the clerk to give me a Window side, but she did not. Ah, the very the service of annoying Hong Kong. The quality of service in HK is getting better in this decade, but still middle age to elder services are annoying. I think Macau is much better than HK on the view point of the quality of service.

Here is the sheet of economy class.


Fortunately there are vacancy in the window side, I asked to move, and allowed.

There were neither drinks nor snacks.

I have heard it rarely — they meant it happened to them — the small speed boat stops on the mid of the way. Even they are able to arrive at the HK airport 1 – 2 hours delay, their check-in baggage was not passed to the airplane. To be honest, this is the reason why I hesitated to use the ferry on my back way, but fortunately there are nothing those error.

At the HK airport

After arrive at the HK airport, some needed to pick up their check in baggage, and checked-in at the airline counters. I was check-in for through Osaka, I did not need anything.

I also needed to have security check to going inside of the airport terminal, it was a little bit long way.

Before leaving the Sky Pier, I went to the departure tax return. If you are in a hurry, you need to skip it. Seemed Super Class passengers went out from the ferry earlier than the economy class, if your schedule is tight, I strongly recommend to take First Class or Super Class.

KKday Cotai Water Jet Ferry First Class One-Way Ticket (Hong Kong Airport – Macau) ★Sky’s recommendation
KKday TurboJET Hong Kong to Macau Ticket ★Sky’s recommendation
KLOOK Cotai Water Jet Tickets for Hong Kong and Macau OBS
KLOOK TurboJet Ferry Tickets for Hong Kong and Macau

Please check the latest condition in HK airport HP

I could go through without my baggage to/ from Macau. It is because I took enough time to do. The transit time was more than 3 hours each. When your schedule is tight, you should better to bring your baggage inside of the cabin.

I am afraid of everything is changed, after 2020. Please check the latest news/ condition in HK airport HP.

SkyPier Terminal Ferry, Mainland Connection - Hong Kong International Airport
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