Taiwan: My Visa-Exempt Entry to Taiwan in Nov, 2022

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Let me tell you my experience of entering Taiwan in Nov, 2022.

After my coming back from Macau in Nov 2019, it was my first travelling to abroad. It was 4 nights 5 days short vacation. I was a little bit nervous, but it was the very heart warming place for me, as usual. Simply, I was walked around the city center.

Before telling you, I am a Japanese passport holder, my flight was from Tokyo (Haneda) to Songshan (Taipei), and the status was as Visa-Exempt entry.

Please check the link below whether your passport is allowed to enter there as Visa-Exempt program.


Songshan Airport, Taipei

My entering point was Songshan Airport, Taipei (松山機場). It took me almost 45 mins to leave the airport. I don’t think it was so much changed.

Note: There are two international airports in Taipei, one is Songshan Airport located the city center of Taipei, and another is Taoyuan Airport (桃園機場) located suburbs of Taipei, which is much bigger than Songshan.

After my getting off from the airplane, there are no check point before the immigration.

They gave me Abbott rapid test kit, there were “give away” counter, they simply distributed us.


My Speedy was already expired before 2020, I needed to be on the line of the immigration, but it was not long; it was a small Songshan Airport.

But it took almost 30 mins to waiting to obtain my check-in luggage. Even I had a priority tag, it could be take 20 mins or more.

If my flight would have been to Taoyuan Airport, it would have taken much longer, I suggest.

0+7 Policy

Please check Taiwanese CDC page, if you are planning to visit Taiwan. Situation changes quickly. As of Feb 2023, they changed slightly from my experience in Nov 2022.



When I visited there, there are 0+7 policy for those who newly entering Taiwan, and we are allowed to leave Taiwan while 0+7 days; my stay was 4 nights 5 days.


I checked my temperature every morning, this thermometer is my own, I brought from Japan, “Termo” is Japanese authentic thermometer maker, it is a trustworthy. I tested myself on my 2nd and 4th day, as the 0+7 policy it was considered as 1st and 3rd day.

Taiwan gave me 4 sets of rapid test, I needed to use only 2 sets. We do not need to return what you did not use. I brought them back to home, as of Jan 2023, fortunately there are no chance to use them.

“Hotel” with independent Bath & Toilet

I chose “Brother Hotel (兄弟大飯店)” located on Nanjin Fuxing (南京復興) station, I can go and back to Songshan Airport directly by Brown Line. It is an old hotel, but really clearn and valued as hotels.

(Photo by Agoda)

Also I need to tell you that while “0+7” days, we tourists don’t have house in Taiwan need to stay at “hotel”. We are required to stay at places with independent bathroom & toilet.

We are not allowed to stay at dormitories.

There are some hostels with independent room and shared shower & toilet in Taipei, I was also stayed several times, they are valuable and generally clean & safe.

We are also not allowed to stay at those valued hostels while 0+7 period. After that you can move those hostels or dorms as you want.

You can book Brother Hotel from below.

>> Agoda Brother Hotel

Travel Insurance & Phone to talk

Those days, seemed they did not charge quarantine and treatment for patients of non-Taiwanese citizens, but as of 1st of Jan 2023, they are going to charge.

Even if they would not have charged the expenses for treatment, I should have needed to pay for the arrangement for my returning flights. I always purchase AIG Travel Insurance when I travel abroad.

Also you need to “Talk” with someone to arrange your treatment and flight. I strongly recommend to buy Taiwanese SIMs, which is so cheap. I’ve met European backpacker in Taiwan, she did not purchased Taiwanese SIMs.

Even you are able to “Call” through something Apps, but how will you get calls from officials/ agents?

I newly purchased at Chunghwa counter in Songshan Airport, the price (data & talk) was TW$300 (less than US$10!) for 5 days, and much cheaper than roaming from Japan.

I have purchased Chunghwa, Taiwan Mobile, and FarEasTon in Taiwan, their prices are almost the same, and in my experience, Chunghwa is the most stable network.

Check them before your visiting to Taiwan

Please prepare to connect to the net in Taiwan
KKday Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom Unlimited 4G SIM Card

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