Himeji Castle is huger than I had expected

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In my way home from Osaka on 2015, I went to Himeji Castle. When I got off JR line in Himeji Station, you will see this.


Straight way to the castle. I walked to there.

This white castle tower is repaired and make outside clarified in 2015. Due to this white outside, it has a nickname as “Castle of White Egret”(白鷺城).


Unlike most of the “Castle” in Japan, what are often restored building and barrier free, but in this castle is kept as the original, if you have a problem with walking, I recommend not to go enter the paid area, the castle tower and the outer citadel. As I remember you can enjoy around the park.

There are only 13 castle-towers are kept as original, many originals were burned in WW2, and this Himeji Castle is kept as original, and among the original, its condition is better and the most beautiful. Probably, if you want to see the original style of Japanese Worrier Castles in 17th Century to 19th Century, it is the best place to see.

And if you go to the castle tower, i expected it could be 20 mins, but actually it tool 2 hours. It is more bigger than I had expected, and there were people ( it was a weekend).

To go to the castle tower, we need to pay for the entrance.


¥1000 for one adult.

Lets’s go.


Originally, this castle and castle tower is not only for the symbol but also a fortress to siege.

long-and-winding-road-to-the-castle himeji

There are no straight way to the tower, there is a long and winding sloops, some are so narrow.

In the castle tower, this style of the architecture is build in 1570s. There are no elevators to climb.


Even elders needed to climb themselves.

In person, it was so fun to see the ceiling, we can rarely see these old ceilings by our eyes.


The view from the tower.


In this picture, you may see more easy to see the construction.

The tower is built in the top of the hill, and the tower itself is not pretty big.


It was also nice to see the outer citadel.

From the citadel side, this can be the most famous shot of this tower.

It was unlucky that there were no rain, but not a shining sunny day.

And of course I was back to the station with walking.


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