Shanghai Museum is the must see place if you like Chinese ritual bronzes

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I like seeing ancient Chinese ritual bronzes. If you are like me, there is a must see museum, Shanghai Museum.

I went to there April of 2015. It was a wonderful place to visit for me.

Probably due to this museum is free, it is so crowded. Seemed there are not only tourists like me, but also locals of Shanghai.

It was so cold air conditioner, I needed to wear my cardigan. Pleased not forget your cardigans or stools if you often feel it is cold in the museums.

Bronze Collection

I have heard that their Bronze collection is the most biggest among China.

See! This is the very “artemisinin”, as Latin. Lovely “lake”.

bronze-lake sh museum

But my favourite is this.

bronze-cow sh museum

It is surprisingly reality of these Asian Buffalos.

Do not miss here.

bronze-gaooo sh museum

I am not sure whether it is Taotie(饕餮)or not.

Of course there are other exhibitions like treasure stones, but I backed to the bronze collection.


Chairs for tired legs

There were few chairs out of the rooms. When you are tired, you can not sit down on the exhibition rooms.

Canteen — do not recommend, in person

This is the very city center, but I am not so much sure about this city of Shanghai, I ate at it’s Canteen.

A beef noodle, tasted….. so bad……:(

beef-noodle sh museum canteen

It’s not only not for my taste, but also expensive too.

Location & Fee

Free to visit

In this museum is free to visit, but there is a security for your handlings too. Due to the security check, it is long cue to enter.

After knowing this museum, I found the reason why I had seen some Asian, probably Chinese girls in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, whome I felt both the group and the clerk are “sad”. These days, the MET did not fix payment, but we could decide how much we pay. I paid US$10 or $20 up to my wallet, but the Asian group of 3 in front of me insisted US$5 for 3. The clerk frowned even to me, she might think I am a bunch of them. I was not fun for me, and strong memory of the States.

Anyway, I learnt in Shanghai, there are countries and cities who serves great museums in free.

Way to go

Shanghai Museum

I got off at Subway station People’s Square and walk. It was a comfortable after rain morning.

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