Kyoto: Visit Rosanji, where was located Murasaki Shikibu’s house

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Rosanji is a temple, as a temple in Kyoto, where is not so much big.

It is quite near from the Sento Gosho, where is located on Michinaga FUJIWARA’s mansion 1000 years ago.

The importance is, Rosanji is identified as Murasaki Shikibu’s house, the author of “The Tail of Genji”, 1000 years ago.

Indeed the buildings are built in Edo Era.

As I remember it is this building, what was originally a part of Sento Gosho.

You need to pay for the entrance fee, you can go inside of the building and see the beautiful garden.

Attention: I had found some are uploaded the inside of the building, but they claims as they do not welcome your photo taken of the inside. It is only the garden where is allowed to take photos.

The garden is called as “Genji Niwa”, I do not know which part is “The Tail of Genji”.

The small purple flower is Kikyo (桔梗).

Guess it will be beautiful in the mid of the Autumn to see the beautiful red leaves, but it can be also crowded

Hours: 9:00-16:00
Admission Fee: ¥500 per an adult
Place : 397 Shimonobe cho, Kamigyo, Kyoto
How long Sky stayed: 60 mins
Also worth visiting nearby: Kyoto Gosho, Sento Gosho
Check them before your visiting to Japan

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