Tokyo: Sensoji, you will see traditional buildings and tower

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In March 2018, I went to Tokyo, I found 5 hours was unoccupied before of my flight back from Haneda Airport.  I decided to visit Sensoji(浅草寺), From Asakusa Station, there is a direct line to Haneda Airport.

Sensoji is the oldest temple in Tokyo, settled in AD. 600s. There is a record that a nun solo traveler, Lady Nijyo visited to this temple in 1290.

Now, this temple is quite famous for foreign tourists, when last time I had been there is more than 10 years ago, and as I remember, there were not filled by foreign languages. Interesting.

When I searched some information written in English, it is a little bit wired to see “Senso-ji Temple”, in Japanese, “Ji” means temple itself :). How wired it is, guess when you find “St.Stephansdom Cathedral” in Vienna :D.

Gate: Kaminarimon

The famous Kaminarimon(雷門)is for there.

From this gate, you would see too many people in the “broadway” to the main area of this Sensoji. Guess originally it was truly a broadway, but currently there are too many small stores for tourists are in there. They serve you something “nice” surveyors and some foods. To be honest, I am not a person who like seeing these stores in anywhere.

Main building: Hondo(本堂)

This building, Hondo is the main building of this temple.

This is a new building, built in 1958. The previous building (was not the original) was burnt in Bombing of Tokyo, 1945.

Hope you can see people are crowded to pray.

Stupa: Gojyunoto(五重塔)

In this building, they have a stupa, what is a pagoda for remains of Buddha, allegedly of course.

It was early spring, there were full of cherry blossoms, but the tree on the picture was no buds, you see Tokyo Sky Tree, a highest tower in Japan.

Asakusa Shrine

In this temple, there is Asakusa Shrine, smaller shrine is nearby.

Asakusa Station, Asakusa Subway Line

I came back to Haneda Airport, I took subway, the station is Asakusa Station.

Please pay attention, there are several Asakusa Stations, each runners are different companies. If you need to get to Haneda Airport (or Narita Airport) by subway (probably it is the cheapest way and not taking your time so long) like me, please visit Subway Asakusa Line, Red mark.

As I remember, you can go Ginza Line to Asakusa Line in underground way, but it can be confused. I recommend to go to the Asakusa Line side Gate directly.

Here is wrong station side, Gate #4.

Above is Tokyo Sky Tree Tower and Asahi Beer’s headquarter. You may see temple kind red building on the picture, there is yellow/ amber circle mark. It means Ginza Line. Guess walking on the ground is better to find the right gate.

Go Asakusa Station, Asakusa Line, located right of the picture (you need to walk 1-3 mins).

Hours: (There are no specific “Gate” to charge, but if you want to pray, April-September 06:00-17:00, Oct-March 06:30-17:00)
Admission Fee: Free to Charge
Place : 2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo, 111-0032
HP: Only)
How long Sky stayed: 30 mins
Also worth visiting nearby: Walking around Asakusa Area, but I like to visit Ueno museum park



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