Hiroshima: The way to visit Miyajima (宮島)

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In Dec 2019, I went to Miyajima (宮島), one of the sanctuary islands in Japan.

Please see also: Hiroshima: Itsukusjima Jinja (厳島神社), World Heritage Site

Miyajima Guchi Ferry Terminal

To visiting the island, there are no bridges, you need to take a ferry, where is not quite far from “Miyajima Guchi (宮島口)” JR station.

There are two ferry companies are running ferries to Miyajima-Miyajima guchi. Both are settled in quite near each other, and the tickets are different.


JR Miyajima Ferry

I took JR Ferry, and the shot ride of ferries are quite nice with seeing a rainbow.

I am writing in English, those who are not living in Japan. Some of you may buy “Japan Pass” or something, what is not allowed to use Japanese national/ residents in Japan.

When you choose those passes including Hiroshima/ Sanyo area, you are able to take a ride of JR Ferry (on the right side in the picture above) without paying.

I suggest those passes are covering the fare of JR Miyajima Ferry.

KKday JR West Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass: e-MCO Voucher
KKday JR West Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass (Pick-Up at Kansai Airport)
KKday JR Sanyo-San’in Area Pass: e-MCO E-Ticket

18 Kippu

Me, as a Japanese living in Japan, I went to JR Ferry with Seishun 18 Kippu (青春18きっぷ).


This is a seasonal ticket by JR, 5 times (no need of continuous) / 5 people ticket for local trains. You are not allowed to use in 24 hours each, but one day each. I never say it is “always” nice for those who are happy to ride local trains in Japan, but I suggest this is one of the better suggestion for some cases.

Probably Wiki serves its information more than I can provide 🙂

Seishun 18 Ticket - Wikipedia

Miyajima Ferry Terminal

Also, the ferry terminal of the island is also the same building, the design is shrine/ temple.


The terminal to Miyajima Guchi is also shared by two ferry companies.

When you want to take a ride of other places (like city of Hiroshima), please buy your tickets. The JR pass does not covering.


Anago (穴子)

Anago is one of the kind of eels (living in sea water) in Japan,, it is one of my favourite dishes.

Near of the JR Miyajima Guchi station, there is a famous Anago restaurant, Ueno (上野).


I chose “Anagomeshi S”, as of Dec 2019, it was JPY1950.


When you want to eat the locals foods, this is one of my recommend.

Check them before your visiting to Japan

Please prepare to connect to the net in Japan.
KKday Japan Unlimited High-speed Data eSIM

See also:Ready to Connect the Net when big disasters in Japan

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