Ready to Connect the Net when big disasters in Japan

When you are in Japan, I always hope you are staying in safe, and have fun (no crime like  wall painting, we are strongl...

Tourist Sim in Japan

If you are a person, who are looking for Tourist SIMs in Japan, guess I can help you. In May 2018, I bought a loc...

HK: it’s super easy to buy local SIMs – it’s a waste of time searching for which are good or not

I am a regular visitor of Hong Kong, which is the very place where I purchased my first foreign prepaid SIM for my unloc...

VPN is essential for independent tourists

Do you use WiFi while traveling? Are they safe? Really Safe? Do you use free wifi when you are traveling? Do you expect...

Taiwan: There are often natural disasters; buy a prepaid SIM and be prepared to get notification

I often visit Taiwan.  In 2017, I went there twice. On both occasions, I got these notifications on my cell phone. Case...
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