Tokyo: Shinagawa Prince Hotel East Tower is convenient, but I was not satisfied with the bed

I stayed here on Aug 2015. There was a rock live held in "Sthera Ball”, a middle sized concert hall in this hotel. It is...

Hotel Monterey Kobe is one of the alternate choice when I can not pay a night in Umeda, Osaka

Why in Kobe? I needed to book for a night at Umeda(梅田), the center of Osaka in Sep 2015. It was a sudden trip, and I wa...

Kawasaki: Sunroute Kawasaki is so convenient!

First time in City of Kawasaki, Kanagawa I needed to visit Kawasaki, Kanagawa, where is the opposite of Tama-gawa to To...

Come to Tokyo for events in Tokyo Dome?? Why don’t you choose Tokyo Dome Hotel?

I am not a resident of Tokyo, and I sometimes go to Tokyo to see concerts, bigger concerts are held in Tokyo Dome. I wen...
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