Paradise City in Inchon

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I went to Seoul in Sep 2019.

In my back to Japan, I had few hours. I used the pre-check in service in the Seoul station. I had my own carry-in-luggage and I had thought to see the famous Paradise City. It is on South Korea, but seems Japanese company of Sega-Sammy is running. Also seems the main target is Japanese tourists.

There were shuttle buses between the Paradise City and the Inchon Airport. Seems there are monorail but I could not find it on the Airport station.

In Casino

I am not allowed to take photos in Casino.

I had signed up the membership and showing the coupon you can get in the airport. I got some vouchers and membership card.

I enjoyed slots and won only 1,500 Won, it is less than USD1.5. I was satisfied with my wining. I am not greed.

I saw many are spending really a lot. Please pay attention you spend too much!

I also enjoyed eating fresh fruits on the cafe.

Paradise City

Seems there are also Spas, I really like going to spa while my traveling, but seemed there were no time to doing.

I decided to see Paradise Art Space.

Sadly it was in progress. But there are so many artistic things are settled.

I did eye shopping on the DFS. I had bought a lot in another day at Shinla DFS.

When you have a plan to transit for one night in Incheon Airport, I think Paradise Hotel is one of the solution. It is not far from the Airport, and there are plenty of places you can enjoy.
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