Seoul: Hotel Toyoko Inn Dongdaemun 2

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In Sep 2019, I stayed Hotel Toyoko Inn Dongaemun 2, as one of my friend’s recommend.


Toyoko Inn is the very 東横イン, one of the biggest Japanese affordable hotel chain. They run several hotels in South Korea.

My room is a single.

bed Hotel

I was really happy with the typical Toyoko Inn Hotel room.

The bathroom is also typical Toyoko Inn.

bathroom Hotel

If you are not familiar with South Korea, but familiar with those Japanese hotels, you will be satisfied with the room.

My room was well cleaned, and comfortable. Also this new hotel is prohibited to smoke. As an Asthmatic, non-smoking hotels are essential to stay.

This is the view from my window.

seoul Hotel


Toyoko Inn is a Japanese hotel chain, but the plug is not multi-style nor Japanese style. It is in South Korea, you have to carry the plug for South Korea. You can use the same with Europe (continental) style, aka “C”.

I realised it is “24 hours”, it may be used when I was out of the room, but I am not sure.

battery Hotel

On the bed side, there is a USB plug-in too.  (May be for cleaning) Do not miss the plug near of the bed feet.

Coin Laundry

laundry Hotel

It was really nice to see the coin laundry, there are washing machine and drier.

Eating and drinking

Toyoko Inn serves breakfast without charging. But it is a free meal, you should not count too much.

In this Hotel Toyoko Inn Dongdaemun 2, I was satisfied with them.

breakfast Hotel

It is pretty enough.

However, it may be Korean culture. It was really noisy the sounds of eating messed up, what I loose my appetite, I should eat earlier and quickly. It is the culture of Korean, and as a foreign tourist, I was in the wrong place.

There is a water server in the reception. When you want to take water or hot water from there, you should better to ask before doing.

Also there is a auto-vender to selling soft drinks.

I could not find super markets nearby, but there is a small 7-11 on the next door.

It is located in the end of Dongdaemum area, where is one of the non-sleeping area of Seoul.


You can find restaurants and cafes in there, but seems mostly Korean restaurants do not accept single dining. I used to be eating my supper in big malls, where you are able to eat alone, but I admit it was a little bit noisy.


It was really convenient to go.

Nov 4 Hotel
In front of the hotel, there is a gate of subway of Line #4, Dongdaemum History & Culture Park Station.

But it is steps only. When I was with my luggage to back to Incheon Airport, I went to Dongdaemun Design Plaza to have elevator.

DDP is pretty easy to find, it is designed by Zaha Hadid.

In DDP, there is a police box and I found an elevator really near of the police box.

Also, there is a bus stop to / from Incheon Airport. I took KAL bus to hotel. It was estimated as 80-90 mins. But it took more than 120 mins.

airport bus
I did not need to walk with carrying, but Seoul is the city with traffic jam. When you are with kids or elders, you can nap while going.

KKday KAL Limousine Discounted One-Way Bus Ticket (Incheon Airport – Seoul)

In your back to the Incheon Airport, I recommend to take A’Rex, especially when you are a solo traveller like me.

See also: A’REX Incheon Airport Express Train is useful especially on your back to the Incheon Airport

Totally to say, this hotel is clean & convenient, and affordable. As a Japanese tourist, this is one of the choice when I visit Seoul again.

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