Taipei Songshan Airport

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Songshan Airport is convenient

There are two airports in Greater Taipei.

Most of your flights to/ from are at Taipei Taoyuan Airport(桃園機場), the code is TPE, where is located to Taoyuan City, where is near of Taipei City.

In the city center, there is Taipei Songshan Airport(松山機場), the code is TSA, aka Taipei International Airport.

Generally you have no need to worry which airport you will arrive/ leave, if you are not from  Tokyo, Seoul, or some cities in Mainland China, or regional of Taiwan.

(Roof top observatory)

This airport is near of the city center, it is so small and less time to pick your baggages up, how convenient it is! When I can book my flights to/ from this Songshan Airport, I choose.

And I took a flight back to Taipei from Hualien, of course it is Taiwanese regional flight, it took me to this Songshan Airport.

Take Wenhu Line to/ from Songshan Airport

To the city center, you can go any place with taking MRT Wenhu line (文湖線), aka Brown Line.

This line is generally run above of your head :), it use smaller cars than other MRT lines in Taipei, and always crowded.

If you want to take this Songshan Airport station, you can go there without wet even when it is heavy rain. It happened.

Bus to / from Taoyuan Airport

There are direct buses to / fro Taoyuan Airport.

Buses are a little bit tricky, when it is rainy. It is not so much easy to walk with heavy bags with umbrella.

If you need to transit planes between Taoyuan Airport and Songshan Airport, you can take an express bus. To the bus stop, there are no roof between the bus terminal to the Songshan Airport.

When it is not strong rain in Songshan Airport, and you need to go to Taoyuan Airport, I might take a ride of bus. In Taoyuan Airport, there are roof on the bus dropping.

But when you are arrived at Taoyuan Airport, and need to go to Songshan Airport, please remember there are no roof on the Songshan Airport building to the bus dropping.

When you find it is really heavy rain, I might choose MRT. You might need to change lines a lot. Probably taxies are better.

When I would need to go to Taoyuan Airport from Songshan Airport when it is heavy rain, I might choose taxies, the taxi riding point is the airport building side. I might take a ride of taxi to Taipei Station MRT Taoyuan Airport Line. Checking what Japanese are saying, it takes NT$100 to Taipei Station from this Songshan Airport.

When it would be heavy rain in Taoyuan Airport, and need to go to Songshan Airport, I might choose buses. Why? I can change my clothes on the airport, just after I was rained. And also there is a possibility that it would not rain in Songshan Airport 😀

Equipments and roof top observatory

There are two terminals in this Songshan Airport, Domestic and International, I had taken both, they are the next buildings you can walk to.

There are some dining area, but I have not eaten.

If you need to leave your baggages, there are coin lockers in International side.

Local SIM

You can also buy local Taiwanese SIM in this airport too, on the Telecom Service point. I think this photo below is taken in 2018.

I’ve used Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, and FarEasTon, and in my experience, Chunghwa is the most stable. I recommend to purchase Chunghwa.

As of Nov, 2022, there are two Chunghwa Telecom booth, seemed one is not run by Chunghwa itself, they did not deal eSIM. Another booth located quite near of “Subway”, a sandwich bar is run by Chunghwa, they deal eSIM.

When you purchase Chunghwa SIM through KKday, seems that store near of Subway is a pick point.

I really wanted to purchase their eSIM, I did not purchased through KKday.

Roof top Observatory

If you have already dropped your baggages on the counter, and still have time, probably you have.

Or if you are arrived at this airport too early (the counters may not open until the time), leave your baggages on the paid locker, and go to the roof top observatory.

It is free to entry (Yes! It is free!), and you can enjoy the sight of Taipei city with seeing small planes.

It was a really hot summer day in May.

Guess some people are with blue sun umbrellas, they borrowed on the clerk for this observatory. I am not sure it is free or not.

I share a shot what I took.

I pretty liked it!

Opened: 09:00-21:00

Check them before your visiting to Taiwan

Please prepare to connect to the net in Taiwan
KKday Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom Unlimited 4G SIM Card

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