Kawasaki: Sunroute Kawasaki is so convenient!

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First time in City of Kawasaki, Kanagawa

I needed to visit Kawasaki, Kanagawa, where is the opposite of Tama-gawa to Tokyo.

I searched hotels nearby of Kawasaki station, and found this hotel, Hotel Sunroute Kawasaki.

Sunroute is one of the chain hotels in Japan, famous as minimum equipment, standing convenient place, and serving valuable price.


I did not know about Kawasaki so much, and this place is so convenient.


I arrived at Keikyu Kawasaki station from Haneda Airport, it took 20 mins.. Take a train directly to Yokohama. It always stop at Kawasaki Station (Keikyu line).

This hotel is JR Kawasaki Station side, but it took 5 -10 mins walk from Keikyu Kawasaki Station.

From JR Kawasaki Station, I took Ueno – Tokyo line, my destination was Ueno station, I went to see National Science Museum. It took only 20 mins, because Ueno – Tokyo line is Rapid, skipping many stations.

However it was a little bit confusing that when I back from Ueno Station. I wanted to back to Kawasaki, but I confused which line will bring me the Ueno – Tokyo line.

But it was simply I changed trains in Shinagawa, and back to Kawasaki, by Tokaido line.

After I changed my belongings, I went back to Shinagawa to see my friends. Seems I needed to take something the destination is “Odawara”.

Surroundings in midnight

I took a train 22:40 from Shinagawa Station, and arrived at Kawasaki Sation at 22:50 or so.

I guess any say it is “midnight”. Probably it was because of the Friday night, the train was occupied.

And near of the station, there were many people — looks happily drunken.

I just remind my previous visit to Yokohama, I took the area of “Kan-nai”, and it was 22:00, it was perfectly dark, and less people. I felt this area is better than staying at “Kan-nai”.

Checkin is 14:00 or 15:00 or something

I arrived at this Hotel at 12:00, and they told me that they do not accept the check-in on 14:00 or 15:00. I left my baggages on the hotel, and left. After I back to the hotel on 16:00 or earlier, I could check in.

My room — Ladies Room

I got a free upgrade to “Ladies Room” by the hotel, it could be not as a blogger (I did not tell them about my blog!), as a frequent user of JAL PAK. (I bought a package of domestic flights and hotel)

Usually, in JAL PAK, they are keeping the lowest grade of the hotels, but sometimes I get those upgrade.

Anyway, thank you very much for the upgrade.

Ladies Room, or Ladies Floor. Some hotels categorized as “Business Hotel” like Sunroute sometimes setting “Ladies Room” or “Ladies Floor” to have female solo business customers, or female solo tourists. Generally it is set in nonsmoking floor, and with some “beauty” equipments or amenities.

See the humidifier, under the window, it will be set on the all of the rooms, I am sure.

Its my bed.


It is a single room, and it is more bigger than I had expected.

The site from my window.


The street under the window is Shiyakusho-dori (meaning City Hall Avenue) , one of the broadways of kawasaki, I am sure. It is often super noisy even in the midnight, on the broadways. I also had expected it would be noisy, but when I return to the hotel midnight, there were some people walking, but less noisy.

I could sleep pretty well.


I do not think it is just renovated, but clearn and nice.

Hope you will find hanger in the morror, it is not mine. If you want to wash your closes by your hands, you can put it to dry. Just let you know, there are Coin Laundries (and drier) is in this hotel. I did not use it, because I stayed only one night.

The Toilet, and bath amenities.

I guess these bath amenities are  “ladies room only”.


The line is Esthe Royer by POLA.

Just for your information, they are not give away. (give away goods are on the tray)

  • Liquid Cleansing (makeup remover)
  • Moisture Milk (emulsion)
  • Moisture Lotion


Seth Royer is not a brand of individual sale, I am sure. But you can also buy 1l (yes! 1L) of them through Amazon.co.jp. Give you an example of Moisture Milk.

Back to the hotel, and bigger bottles are also by Esthe Royer, Pola.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body Soap


They are also not for individual sale, but you can buy in Amazon.co.jp.

And I did not take a photo, there is also a hand soap or something on the shower side.

Yeah… it was a little bit inconvenient design.

Others. I did not satisfied with the toothbrush served by the hotel. It was too cheap, but as only for one night… accepted.


I found a card on the desk.


I do not know whether they are ready English card or other language. This card means “Welcome back! We are ready a cooled mineral water bottle on the refrigerator! It is from the hotel!!

Here you are!



You can drink tap water in Japan (and it is different taste from the cities, in my experience, the worst is Fukuoka), so it is rarely ready in Japanese hotels, but recent few hotels I had stayed, I found free bottles.

Of course you can earn a boiled water, and also there are some tea bags.



It is one of the unacceptable thing when I do not find electronic kettles in the hotels.

Massage machine and beauty machine

I enjoied this Ladies room so much!

Foot massager by Omron.


This kind.

I used at night, and I need to admit I was worried about the hygiene — danger of Athlete’s  Foot. But it was dried, and my foots were also dried, after that I washed my foots.

The Beauty Machine — Panasonic Nano-Care.


Of course they are not give away 🙂


If you want to add extra pillows, there is one extra pillow.


In this photo, it is not easy to see, but actually this slippers were shocking pink 😀


Do Not Disturb plate or other ECO cleaning plate are there. They are magnetic plates. You can place plates on opposite of your door.



Please place your card key in this pocket. The electronics in the rooms are often controlled by IC Card Keys, but seems this is not controlled by the IC card. That’s ok that I place the paper beside of my card key.


It is really usefull! I walked the city and I used up with my portable batteries. I needed to go out at the evening. I recharged my battery while I was out.

Consent Plug

I show you this picture again.


I wanted to show you the consent plug. In this hotel, the plug shape is this shape — Japan, USA, Taiwan shape.

I am not sure that whether they have plug adaptors or not. If your plug shape is not ours, I strongly recommend to buy those Adapter kit (please check if there are USB charger or not).

Hotel equipment

They are recharger of your phones against the payment.


It is quick recharger, but according to the hotel if you forget the rechargers, ask the front to use.

Here is an automatic vender. In Japan these venders in the hotels often take extra fee, but this prices are the same with the streets.


I took a picture in the poster in the elevator.


Hmm, the important information is the Coin Laundry is on #F5.

Breakfast — the Excelsior

My plan is with breakfast, and the place is the Excelsior in the #F1 (ground floor). Excelsior is one of the chain cafe in Japan.

I could choose my breakfast from breakfast plans.


I chose Toast & Minestrone. The drink is Blade Orange.


Probably JPY1,000 or something.

It is bigger than I had expected.


It was Feb, mid of the Winter. I had expected I did not wear my coat, but it was a little bit chilly. When it is the winter of your visit, and keep warming 🙂

When I am eating with seeing the people, there are many people came to take out.


Totally to say, this hotel is more than convenient.

I need to give you a note: there are some non-Japanese staffs on the front. Probably they are from Taiwan. There is Sunroute Taipei. I had also stayed there too.

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