Kashihara: Imaicho (今井町)

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In Oct 2020, I visited Imaicho(今井町), Kashihara City, Nara. Those days, it was safer in Japan, and traveling was as clean as hound’s tooth.

I am not quite sure whether I walked from Kintetsu Yamato-Yagi Station or Kintetsu Yagi-Nishiguchi (Yagi West Gate).

I think I took this photo on my way to leave this area, “River (Asuka-Gawa)” is one of the landmark to this area.

imaicho asukagawa

This river is also themed by ancient Japanese poem the symbol of “unstable”, it used to be often flood.

What is Imaicho?

Imaicho is one of the area remaining old buildings. Nara prefecture is one of the oldest capitals, but this Imaicho buildings are not so old like my favourite Horyuji, the oldest wooden building in the world.

In 1940s, most of Japanese bigger cities are burnt by Airstrikes from the USA. Fortunately this area was safe from airstrikes. Also I think it is not far from Osaka, the metropolis, but not so much near from there to be redevelopment. So, there are still merchants houses built in 18th century.

The biggest great point is that there are still people are living in here. I admit this area is opened for tourists, but PLEASE keep your respect, and be nice.

When you do not understand well, how do you feel when would I knock your door without notification with smiling or glimmer face, and I would tell you that I want to take shots and write about your house & life on my blog for Japanese tourists. For me, your house is always so interesting and exotic. How do you feel about foreign/ domestic tourists are loudly walking your area, and try to open your door? Yeek!

Houses open for tourists

There are several houses open for tourists. Some are still residential houses, but some are not residential now, and open for tourists. I give you a tip: find “Former XX House”, they are not residential.

Former Kometani House

What I chose was Former Kometani House (旧米谷家).

imaicho 古民家(米谷家)

It was 2020, I needed to sterilize my hands, and check my temperature.

imaicho 旧米谷家住宅

They were hardware sellers, used to be. There was a hole on the roof, what you could see in the outshot part.

imaicho 米谷家 天井

This is a chimney.

It is a garden.

imaicho 米谷家 庭

The garden is small, but cozy. I felt that it was the very centre of the “town”, I heard someone, maybe residents nearby were talking loudly.

It is nice to visit, but please respect as this is a residential zone.

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