Tokyo: Toyoko Inn Haneda 2 is small, but convenient transit hotel

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I needed to stay for one night back from Taiwan

It is June 2017, I came back from Taiwan, and the frlight is arrived at night. I need an accommodation.

There are some hotels running a free shuttle busses from and to Haneda airport, and this Toyoko Inn is one of the affordable hotels.

agodaToyoko inn Haneda #2

Toyoko Inn Haneda bus

There are two “Toyoko Inn Haneda”. I chose the “second” and it is because the breakfast is western 🙂

The “1” is the next building.


If you have staied Toyoko Inn, as I know, all of the hotels are almost the same design. Indeed this is a little bit older.

I forgot to take a shot of the “key”, it is really classical room key.

Things are a little bit old, but no problem for me.

No recession on the bed

Let me show you my room.

Small! indeed I stayed really small room in Taipei. Not a dormitory, but a shared bathroom hotel. I have stayed some beds small for  me, a lady with 165 cm high, especially in Hong Kong.

Toyoko Inn Haneda bed

They are building somethng in the opposite of the road, it is bigger, a hotel or apartment, maybe. Or, factory. Yes, originally this area is a factory area, as I know. But as you can see there are many apartments nearby.

The room is convenient, but a little bit darker for my eyes.

Toyoko Inn Haneda room

Happy to see the boiler! You know, I had mentioned, I stayed the hostels without bathroom 🙂


Bathroom! Bathroom! my own bathroom!

Toyoko Inn Haneda bath

The amenities on the bathroom are toothbrush only (of course there are shampoo & conditioner, what are built in the wall).

You can barrow the night wear

It is my first time in Toyoko Inn, in this 5-6 years. I perfectly forgotten the “way” of them. Generally in Japan, they serve night wears, I had already sent my night dress to my home.

I needed to barrow on the front floor.

Ladies Amenity

For female guests, they serve me a “Ladies Amenity”.

Body towl, body soap and hand & body milk by Shiseido.

Laundry room!

I found a laundry room near of the front desk. I did not use them.

It is so much convenient they set the laundry room near of the front. You know, sometimes I need to change coins for using laundries.

The wash is not free, 30yen, and this hall filled tables & chairs is the place for breakfast.

Free, aka included breakfast is not rich

The Second where I staied is western breakfast, and the First the next door is Japanese. They say I can eat anyplace.

It is “western” they said.

Hmm… yes, it is a free…

The shuttle bus is from/ to the First

In the front, they say “the bus is from the First, next door”, indeed I say many foreigners, as I heard what they are speaking, sounds HK and Taiwan.

Toyoko Inn Haneda bus

The bus stop in the T2 in Haneda airport

I was arrived at the Haneda from Taipei. Of corse the terminal is International Terminal (aka T3). I checked the schedule of the shuttle bus from their HP, and seemed there are no buses when I arrived. I moved to T2, the domestic terminal.

I found the “hotel bus pool”.

Opposite of the terminal.

It is a very good timing! I do not need to wait.

Totally to say, this hotel is convenient for transit.

If you do not have so much big luggage, take Keikyu line, and get off on the Ohtorii Station (大鳥居).

Elena Pasta, on Ohtorii Station building

On the small station building, there is a restaurant, “Elena Pasta”, I had eaten in there. But as of 2021, seems this Elena is already closed.

Toyoko Inn Haneda elena

From the view of “Elena” here is a view of Toyoko Inn Haneda #2.

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agodaToyoko inn Haneda #2

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