Apple Pay: Shanghai Transit Card might be on your iPhone 8 Plus

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Newly released that information that you can use your IC Shanghai Transportation Card in your Apple Pay.

Due to my account balance, I could not transfer, but seems we foreign tourists may also be able to use Apple Pay. Regularly, I am using Suica in Japan. It is more than convenient.


1) Install SH Transportation App

To ready to transfer your card, you need to install an application.

2) Change your iPhone region to China.

3) Go to “Wallet” to install new card

Click the purple Shanghai Transit Card

3) Click “Transfer Balance from Existing Card”

4) Check the “Terms and Conditions”, and describe your first 4 digit

It says to describe my first 4 digit number, but actually it starts from “U”, but there are Ten Keyboard was appeared. I placed the first 4 numbers after “U”.

Seems I can transfer now.

Indeed, my account balance is not enough.

Probably for the next time.

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