HK: Butterfly on Waterfront Boutique Hotel is bigger room and comfortable

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Convenient place

Nov 2017, I chose Butterfly on Waterfront Boutique Hotel (晋逸海景精品酒店). I took AEL and MTR to be at SaiYingPun(西営盤) station, the nearest gate is A2. If you want to avoid the steps of SaiYingPun station, take the gate A1, Queens Road West(皇后大道西) side, there is an elevator.

(Picture is from agoda)

agodaButterfly Waterfront Boutique Hotel

Anyway, I stayed this hotel, and seems there are harbor view rooms, but mine is the most affordable room on that time, US$100, the view is here.


The very HongKong.

My room

The reason why I took this Butterfly, this is one of the recommends by a friend of mine who is a frequent visitor of HK, she visits more often than me, since 90s.

I do not know whether all the rooms are barrier free or not, at least mine was a barrier free room, it is bigger thank I had expected.

(Picture from agoda)

The bed was not big, but it is the very HK. I know my friends are sleeping on less size of this bed.


On the desk, I found an Android phone, free to use, but is it useful? Is it useful using these unfamiliar smartphones? (I prefer Hong Kong’s prepaid SIM cards, instead).


Barrier free bathroom

The notable was this shower room.


The “window” on the right of the picture, it is to my room. Not outside.

Almost the same size with the bed room, and the shower area is with built in chair. Wheel chair friendly bathroom. There are some hotels in Hong Kong, they settle your shower on the toilet bowl, it was a shocking site when I see that, it was a clean, but shocking. There is no special shower booth, but the toilet is far from the shower.


Indeed I also need to note: there are no nightlight. I often keep lighting the door side light, but in this room, probably the barrier free room, my bed is the door side. I kept lighting the bathroom, that’s my solution.

Few Elevators

This hotel is a kind of “ pencil” building it often see in HK. There are only two elevators. I wanted to sleep longer and took my breakfast on my room, I did not leave my room earlier, there are no jam. You can wait for your “room” in the elevator for longer.

If you are in a hurry, please take extra mins.


They do not serve breakfast, but they serve clackers on the “butterfly corner”. I did not eat.

In this area, there are not eating area quite nearby, but you can walk up the sloops you may find. Famous Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) is my friends’ recommend, but no time to visit.

It was a quiet and comfortable stay.


Totally to say, the location is not bad, was a quiet and comfortable. The design is not bad. I may repeat this hotel in future.

Check them before your visiting to Hong Kong
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