Macau: The House of Dancing Water [monitor]

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In Nov 2019, I could see the famous show of The House of Dancing Water (水舞間), the ticket was supported by KKday for my Japanese blog. I have already worked :).
KKday The House of Dancing Water Tickets

It was a fantastic show! I was moved to seeing the amazing ability of human being. I lost my words, as one of a friends of mine had told. I could not look away from the muscles of the heroine and the villain!

KKday The House of Dancing Water Tickets

The Front Row

Fortunately, KKday booked me on the front row. On the row, there were disposable rain coats were already set.

house-of-dancing-water macau

They splash!! Please pay attention on your bags! I was afraid of its strong air conditioning, due to the rain coat, there was not chilly for me.

Also, I needed to note one thing. During the part of auto-bicycles, the show was stopped. It was for the problem of something.
This The House of Dancing Water is amazing, but dangerous show. It MUST be the priority that the safety.

KKday The House of Dancing Water Tickets

As of Nov 2019, I did not need to change the ticket, and what I needed was showing the QR code what KKday sent to me. I recommend to print the voucher out, or keep a screenshot on your cell.

Sky recommends to stay that night of the show in Cotai.

It is held in City of Dreams, this is the reason why I chose The Countdown Hotel for my staying. See also: The Countdown Hotel.

Indeed it would be less problem the hotels in the Cotai Strips, after the final show, seemed many people were walking. As long as the neighbour hotels, like The Venetian, Sands Cotai (going to be rebrand as the “Londoner”), MGM, there would be less problem, I thought.


(The window view from my room in The Countdown Hotel.)

As I had mentioned, it can be stop for the safety.

It is true that when it is working normally, there are 24 hours shuttles buses/ boats between Hong Kong or Mainland China, and many are visiting Macau as a day trip. When you miss the final shuttle bus from COD or neighbour, or Lightrail, you need to take a taxi, I had taken once with a friend of mine who speaks Chinese fluently. I have not heard good reputation for taxies in Macau.

KKday The House of Dancing Water Tickets

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